Jam it

Strawberry jam raspberry jam but orange makes marmalade

The difference is the inclusion of peel. There, I just saved you a search.

Nick Birch

I’m Nick Birch and I tell stories. Working in the creative industries, I manage projects and create television, media, copy and design. I believe in balance, loyalty, freedom, humour and truth – values which permeate my livelihood. Since 2000, I have worked on local and international television series, commercials, documentaries, short films, corporate and music videos. I produce and direct; edit and sound-design; shoot video and stills; write and draw. My experience and natural affinity with clientele makes me a favourite to work with, seeing the return of many satisfied customers. I’ve worked with TV networks, Hollywood producers, radio stations, mining magnates, airlines, actors, singers, dancers, lawyers, children with special needs, designers, construction, kids, animals, sports, tourism and even a volcanologist. My job is to learn all about your job, and make your stories rise and shine!